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Our beloved Heirloom Jackets are now 50% off, for a limited time only!
Sizes are selling incredibly fast!

*Some Online Sold Out items might still be available exclusively in stores.
*Stock may vary from store to store.

  • Brocade Bomber Jacket Donatella
    Brocade Bomber Jacket Donatella

    Brocade Bomber Jacket Donatella


    Tradition meets funk with this juxtaposition of exotic satin brocade, styled in a casual, brocade bomber jacket.

    The jet black background has a giant, stylized, Japanese chrysanthemum in tones of deep Cerise with pale apple green leaves exploding around the flowers and highlights of a soft pinkish silver. There’s a subtle shine on this fabric that makes the colours come alive making this loud and proud design have a touch of “Donatella” glam about it – without the “Tack” factor, of course. She’s a classic “throw on as you run out the door” solution. The lining keeps it easy to slide on and off for those in-between days – between seasons.   

    She joins our Heirloom range and offers a unique style that you won’t see around as she is a  limited edition run. 

    I know I’m going to love this easy to wear piece!

    Rosanne x 




    Charlotte joins our infamous range of Heirloom Jackets of the last few years – She’s reminiscent of a time gone by when elegant women would gather for a soiree and lounge in the salon and partake of cocktails…

    The vintage floral bouquet print in sophisticated teal, emerald and stone on an ink-black velvet background pairs magnificently with our luxe Emerald Stripe Velour Jasmine pants.

  • Duster Jacket Silver
    Duster Jacket Silver

    Duster Jacket Silver


    Luxuriate in this Luscious  Look 

    Our classic “Heirloom” Jackets are back – thanks to your demands – we do listen! 

    Timeless classics, that are a step up in the “jacket” territory. No boring black camouflage here!

    Elegant long-line velvet coats that you won’t want to take off! Fully lined, they slide on with ease and totally transform your outfit. They have a subtle sheen from the light refraction on the velvet “pile”  (industry speak for the fibres that stand up – much like carpet).