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CARMEN KAFTAN Black Wash Silk Chiffon Coat

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Wassily Kandinsky once said that “colour is a power that directly influences the soul”. Considering the echoes of early expressionism within this print, we think these fuchsia and pink watercolour splashes will certainly uplift your soul!

The myriad of colours in this wearable piece of art expresses all the nuance of a perfect flower in bloom. The subtle splashes of crimson and olive provide additional depth. To juxtapose this softness and add a little drama, we added a black background to really make the colours pop.

This limited edition, 100% silk collection will breezily float in the summer breeze, while the breathable silk we use will keep you feeling fresh, even as the temperature rises.

For those that like to walk on the brighter side, you should consider checking out our Watercolour collection. It contains all the beauty of this one, but with an ivory backdrop.

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Once you start playing with this wonderful 100% silk piece, you will instantly want to watch its metamorphosis – tie a knot here and drape the cloth there and suddenly a new world of wardrobe choices manifests.

Pair this wonderfully transmutable piece with our Tan Silk Top and Tan Silk Pants for an elegant soiree.

Then watch it transform into the perfect outfit for a day out on the water with our Fuschia Bamboo Midi, a floppy hat, a comfortable sneaker, and some large sunglasses.

One size fits all.

Also available in Watercolour Pink.

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