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Morgan Long Kimono Orient

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This amazing print is quite simply, wearable art. It’s a really lovely drawing of stylized chrysanthemums with buds and leaves in myriad colours, reminding us Spring is just around the corner – at last!

This border design has a foreground of a large flower and leaves in pinks, melon and greens with lots of detail so that the background of myriad greens in an organic texture, creates a real depth to the design.

It’s the same concept when you look at a scenic landscape: the object in the foreground, be it a farmhouse, will have more detail and stronger colours; whilst the hills in the background will be much paler colours with no detail.

This gorgeous lightweight satin will see you through Summer too as you barely notice you are wearing it. It has such a soft handle that it will feel like you are being caressed by feathers.

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This is an oversized kimono style light jacket however, being such a lightweight fabric it has a fluid appearance that will cascade down the body and be very flattering for any wearer.

The wide sleeves are ¾ length so they won’t ‘drip in the dip’ as the canapes pass around.

The wide 10cm lapel provides a structure so it does not appear as your bathrobe.


  • Soft fluid lightweight jacket
  • Wide lapel to provide structure
  • Oversized Kimono style
  • 3/4 sleeve length
  • 2 side pockets

A Wondrous palette of muted colours with the same tonal values means it sits so comfortably together. When loads of colours are being used, taking the “edge” off bright colours means you can retain sophistication. However, as there are so many colours you can also pair it with some bright colours to give it a louder summer vibe.

The artwork has a gazillion colours in it so it becomes a very versatile piece, allowing an awesome array of choices for pairing:-  soft stone, all sorts of greens, an array of pinks though to a deep crimson, a soft ochre, deep teal and even black.


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