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  • Cloudy Apple Patcee Patio Maxi Satin Dress with 3/4 Sleeve
    Ochre Belt Black Buckle

    Cloudy Apple Patcee Patio Maxi Satin Dress with 3/4 Sleeve


    This style is a design based on an era in the early ’70s of watching my mother create an oversized, teased “do” and then don her latest geometric maxi creation as she and my dad, -he being clad in a lilac body shirt- complete with sideburns, whisked off to a “Sundowner Pool Party” – a trend that was replicating movies – I’m sure I’ve merged it all in my memory …. Jane Fonda in a maxi length, sleeveless A-line shift in geometric flowers with a big floppy hat – but then I realized – I’m not Jane Fonda – she’s much taller ………. OK – along with a few other details! 

    There was something glamorous going on, but being too young to grasp or analyse, I was left with an impression of glamour being colour, print and fun times! This was what inspired our new Patcee dress, however, I wasn’t focused on a summer pool party; hence, a ¾ sleeve with flared cuff was a more elegant option. She is the perfect comfortable, stylish shift dress, with a high collar and V-neck placket in an edible green satin in a solid colour, and of course … pockets!

  • Teal Cascade Maxine Maxi T-Shirt Dress
    Teal Cascade Maxine Maxi T-Shirt Dress

    Teal Cascade Maxine Maxi T-Shirt Dress


    Looks like you’ve had a frolic with a flower garden… – or did you drop the bride’s bouquet?
    This exquisite net is littered with sprays of 3D flowers in a cascade of teal, crimson and lime colours making for a modern take on your mother’s or grandmother’s “Mother of the Bride” fitted embroidered net frock for your wedding. How they didn’t all pass out in a summer wedding in Australia – what with the inability to breathe courtesy of the girdle underneath!

    These days, thank our lucky stars, we have wise mothers and grandmothers who understand they have the right to be comfortable at their family weddings – and they can be the last at the party!… especially since they have probably slaved tirelessly in the year’s leadup.

    This Net Maxi Dress layers over a breathable Bamboo Slip or a Madison Dress. Throw on the heels for your entrance – but have the flats on standby once the music starts, and you really can be last at the party.

  • Watercolour Pink Mary Silk Chiffon Dress
    Watercolour Pink Duster Silk Chiffon Coat

    Watercolour Pink Mary Silk Chiffon Dress


    Wassily Kandinsky once said that “colour is a power that directly influences the soul”. Considering the echoes of early expressionism within this print, we think these fuchsia and pink watercolour ethereal splashes will certainly uplift your soul!

    The myriad of colours in this wearable piece of art expresses all the nuance of a perfect flower in bloom. The subtle splashes of crimson and olive provide additional depth. The soft stone background helps the edges of the petals fade, contributing to the ethereal vibe you will exude while wearing this print.

    This limited edition, 100% silk collection will breezily float in the summer breeze, while the breathable silk we use will keep you feeling fresh, even as the temperature rises.

    For those that like to walk on the darker side, you should consider checking out our Blackwash collection. It contains all the beauty of this one, but with a blackwash backdrop.

  • White Summer Mary Dress
    White Summer Mary Dress

    White Summer Mary Dress


    This sophisticated colour palette is the ultimate in paring for monochromatic neutrals – allowing a more conservative outfit when paired with Silver, Gold, Stone, Charcoal, White etc.

    The sprays of leaves and flowers meander on their curved branches across the garment, punctuated every so often with a giant magnolia with a subtle gold outline of its petals. The hand-drawn lines give an artistic edge to the design.

    A perfect piece to transition you from Summer to Winter as she sits just as well with Charcoal as she does with Whites or Stone/Ivory.