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  • Brocade Bomber Jacket Donatella
    Brocade Bomber Jacket Donatella

    Brocade Bomber Jacket Donatella


    Tradition meets funk with this juxtaposition of exotic satin brocade, styled in a casual, brocade bomber jacket.

    The jet black background has a giant, stylized, Japanese chrysanthemum in tones of deep Cerise with pale apple green leaves exploding around the flowers and highlights of a soft pinkish silver. There’s a subtle shine on this fabric that makes the colours come alive making this loud and proud design have a touch of “Donatella” glam about it – without the “Tack” factor, of course. She’s a classic “throw on as you run out the door” solution. The lining keeps it easy to slide on and off for those in-between days – between seasons.   

    She joins our Heirloom range and offers a unique style that you won’t see around as she is a  limited edition run. 

    I know I’m going to love this easy to wear piece!

    Rosanne x 

  • Carmen Kaftan Black Wash Silk Chiffon


    Wassily Kandinsky once said that “colour is a power that directly influences the soul”. Considering the echoes of early expressionism within this print, we think these fuchsia and pink watercolour splashes will certainly uplift your soul!

    The myriad of colours in this wearable piece of art expresses all the nuance of a perfect flower in bloom. The subtle splashes of crimson and olive provide additional depth. To juxtapose this softness and add a little drama, we added a black background to really make the colours pop.

    This limited edition, 100% silk collection will breezily float in the summer breeze, while the breathable silk we use will keep you feeling fresh, even as the temperature rises.

    For those that like to walk on the brighter side, you should consider checking out our Watercolour collection. It contains all the beauty of this one, but with an ivory backdrop.




    Charlotte joins our infamous range of Heirloom Jackets of the last few years – She’s reminiscent of a time gone by when elegant women would gather for a soiree and lounge in the salon and partake of cocktails…

    The vintage floral bouquet print in sophisticated teal, emerald and stone on an ink-black velvet background pairs magnificently with our luxe Emerald Stripe Velour Jasmine pants.

  • Naomi Long Brocade Jacket Morris


    This Heirloom Jacket is as much a showstopper as Kenzo, but with a sophisticated subtlety in its matte fabrication and clever limited use of 3 colours. The juxtaposition of feminine pink flowers with the masculine, tailored cut gives a modern twist to a classic ladies long brocade jacket.

     The background is a matte dark slate navy background with meandering vines and leaves in an equally dark emerald, outlined in black with varying line weight (design speaks for a hand-drawn line rather than mechanically produced, which is usually even with no personality)

    These dark, matte colours are brought to life with the stylized bursts of flowers, along with their stamens, scattered throughout in a superbly balanced proportion of colour.

  • Silk Duster Coat – Charcoal


    We found the secret to anti-aging – and it isn’t in a needle or a face cream!

    Just like black, there is no colour in the colour wheel that can’t be paired with charcoal… Unlike black, charcoal is a warm, dusky neutral that adds sophistication without the “hard” quality of black.

    This collection of super-sophisticated neutrals is the elegant solution that will ensure that you never have to go back to black. Wear one colour head-to-toe, mix and match the charcoal and ivory, or simply use the charcoal instead of black or the ivory instead of white. No matter how you wear these pieces, these essential staples will keep you feeling comfortable and looking great!

  • Silk Duster Coat Black


    A classic basic necessity in your wardrobe.

    There is no colour in the colour wheel that can’t be paired with black.

    Wear one colour head-to-toe, or simply mix it with any other colour of our exclusive silk collections. No matter how you wear these pieces, these essential staples will keep you feeling comfortable and looking great!