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  • Cloudy Apple Patcee Patio Maxi Satin Dress with 3/4 Sleeve
    Ochre Belt Black Buckle

    Cloudy Apple Patcee Patio Maxi Satin Dress with 3/4 Sleeve


    This style is a design based on an era in the early ’70s of watching my mother create an oversized, teased “do” and then don her latest geometric maxi creation as she and my dad, -he being clad in a lilac body shirt- complete with sideburns, whisked off to a “Sundowner Pool Party” – a trend that was replicating movies – I’m sure I’ve merged it all in my memory …. Jane Fonda in a maxi length, sleeveless A-line shift in geometric flowers with a big floppy hat – but then I realized – I’m not Jane Fonda – she’s much taller ………. OK – along with a few other details! 

    There was something glamorous going on, but being too young to grasp or analyse, I was left with an impression of glamour being colour, print and fun times! This was what inspired our new Patcee dress, however, I wasn’t focused on a summer pool party; hence, a ¾ sleeve with flared cuff was a more elegant option. She is the perfect comfortable, stylish shift dress, with a high collar and V-neck placket in an edible green satin in a solid colour, and of course … pockets!

  • Orient Patcee Patio Maxi Dress 3/4 Sleeve


    This amazing print is quite simply, wearable art. It’s a really lovely drawing of stylized chrysanthemums with buds and leaves in myriad colours.

    This border design has a foreground of a large flower and leaves in pinks, melon and greens with lots of detail so that the background of myriad greens in an organic texture, creates a real depth to the design.

    It’s the same concept when you look at a scenic landscape: the object in the foreground, be it a farmhouse, will have more detail and stronger colours; whilst the hills in the background will be much paler colours with no detail.

    This gorgeous lightweight satin will see you through Autumn too as you barely notice you are wearing it. It has such a soft handle that it will feel like you are being caressed by feathers.