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QOE Online 14493

  • Cezanne Linen Dysie Top
    Cezanne Linen Dysie Top

    Cezanne Linen Dysie Top


    Get in tune with your inner artist.

    If you’re attracted to this colourful design, you can thank your artistic streak – we really do all have one! Doesn’t matter if you can draw or not – it’s about your “eye”.

    Some of the rules of design cover off on: repetition, scale change, colour theory and depth – and this design has all of these, plus some.

    This design has elements reminiscent of everyone from Cezanne to Matisse and many artists in between.

    This combination of bright, happy colours stays sophisticated thanks to the layers of design creating a depth that behaves as a backdrop for the highlights of intense pinks, reds, orange and lime.

    The background has textures, border repeats and glimpses of patterns.

    Whilst black seems an obvious choice for pairing, shocking pink works just as well, if not better!

    Be Warned: don’t be wearing this outfit if you want to be a wallflower for the night. This outfit is “putting out there” that you’re up for the fun evening!