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  • Be My Valentine Khloe Kaftan


    The vibrant cherry red, refreshing summer white and sleek silver-grey combine to create a truly captivating ensemble.

    This delightful embroidery captures the essence of summertime love with its clean and crisp palette. The symbolic representation of affection is conveyed through the meandering red roses, intertwined with the white roses, and embellished with delicate vine and silver leaf motifs. As you gracefully move, the embroidery threads come to life, shimmering with the various hues, adding an enchanting allure to your attire.

  • Gold Leaf Khloe Kaftan


    Introducing our stunning fabric with a delightful pattern of delicate flower clusters.

    The simplicity of these monotone clusters, along with tiny leaf silhouettes in a stylish matte gold thread, creates a truly elegant design. To add depth and visual interest, we’ve carefully included larger flowers with graduated stitching that beautifully catches the light and reflects soft pinky/beige tones. When layered over charcoal, this pattern creates a striking silhouette, while over camels and stones, it casts a lovely subtle shadow. With a modern and sophisticated oriental touch, this fabric is perfect for bringing a touch of elegance to any outfit and in fact environment as you will be a beacon of sophistication & elegance.

  • Teal Cascade Khloe Kaftan
    Teal Cascade Khloe Kaftan

    Teal Cascade Khloe Kaftan


    Looks like you’ve had a frolic with a flower garden… – or did you drop the bride’s bouquet?
    This exquisite net is littered with sprays of 3D flowers in a cascade of teal, crimson and lime colours making for a modern take on your mother’s or grandmother’s “Mother of the Bride” fitted embroidered net frock for your wedding. How they didn’t all pass out in a summer wedding in Australia – what with the inability to breathe courtesy of the girdle underneath!

    These days, thank our lucky stars, we have wise mothers and grandmothers who understand they have the right to be comfortable at their family weddings – and they can be the last at the party!… especially since they have probably slaved tirelessly in the year’s leadup.

    This Net Kaftan layers over Black Silk Pants. Throw on the heels for your entrance – but have the flats on standby once the music starts, and you really can be last at the party.