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  • Gold Dust Maxi Dress


    Liquid Gold – is the only way to describe this stunning colour.

    Whether you are wearing it as a starting point to layering your outfit or the “finishing touch” for your outfit – it is a sublime soft gold.

    If you are concerned it’s not ‘your colour ‘– you can easily sort that out by keeping another colour up near your face.

    If you are after a formal evening look, grab a black layer, a similar tonal jewel colour such as ruby reds or an assortment of other pale stone/gold.

    The light refraction, due to the sheen of the satin, makes this a colour that has multiple colours on its own, so if it’s a sophisticated look you’re after then simplicity is the key.

  • Orient Maxi Dress


    This amazing print is quite simply, wearable art. It’s a really lovely drawing of stylized chrysanthemums with buds and leaves in myriad colours.

    This border design has a foreground of a large flower and leaves in pinks, melon and greens with lots of detail so that the background of myriad greens in an organic texture, creates a real depth to the design. 

    It’s the same concept when you look at a scenic landscape: the object in the foreground, be it a farmhouse, will have more detail and stronger colours; whilst the hills in the background will be much paler colours with no detail.

    This gorgeous lightweight satin will see you through Autumn as you barely notice you are wearing it. It has such a soft handle that it will feel like you are being caressed by feathers.

  • Teal Maxi Dress


    There’s something really luxurious about satin swishing to the floor and shimmering with your every move. It not only looks amazing, it feels amazing and even sounds amazing. The weave of the satin thread catches the light and throws off a myriad of smooth, lustrous tones of this deep beautiful teal.

    With all these tones of the same colour, it makes a plain fabric so much more interesting, whilst leaving it open to pairing with a multitude of colours. It will easily work with colours that sit on either side of it on the colour wheel such as greens on one side and blues on the other, whilst also working with contrast colours, such as pinks or ochre. The intensity of this teal satin has a depth of colour like the exquisite gemstone from nature. Australia’s teal sapphire is the perfect match.

    This elegant A-line cut will fit the bust and then sashay down to the floor. A step up from our matte Bamboo maxi slip/dress for your next special event. Being sleeveless it is a very utilitarian piece making jacket layering extremely comfortable. And you know how important we believe this to be. And don’t forget … we slip side seam pockets in whenever we can!