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  • Raw Edge Jacket – Sunset Pinks


    A myriad of printed panels in pinks have created a lovechild somewhere between pretty and grunge. The combination of pink and charcoal colours gives a grown up approach to a pink floral jacket. Finished with raw edge details  – it’s a piece you will treasure for years to come.

    It can be worn with anything from pinks, to stone to white and greens. We were going to say it can be worn with everything except blue…but having said that it looks great with jeans as well. The lightweight linen makes for a perfect Summer solution when the breeze kicks in.

  • Raw Edge Jacket – White


    Our jacket has a slightly cropped fit and is designed to be layered. It has a fantastic fringe details along the collar, cuffs and waistband.  Because it’s made from lightweight linen it’s great for cool evenings and we think it will become your new favourite.

  • Raw Edge Linen Jacket – Ink


    The deep ink navy has just the right amount of colour and depth to be universally useful and team with lots of colours already in your wardrobe.

    I call this a “dead” colour meaning it acts as a backdrop or neutral  for other colours – like a black or stone or charcoal. It doesn’t have enough cobalt blue colour to fight against other colours that you want to pair it with. It becomes a non-colour with a hint of blue but is a dark enough tone to be a very useful backdrop in a very sophisticated way.

    It’s also what makes it versatile for both Summer and Winter outfits.

  • Raw Edge Linen Jacket – Tree Silhouette


    A delicate print of meandering leaves and tree silhouettes that create a monotone design.

    The light to dark varying tones of the sometimes navy, sometimes green and sometimes charcoal make for a very versatile palet.

    It will what colour it is each time you wear it – dependent on what you layer it with!

    An off white back ground lets it transition from Autumn to Winter and it may well have an appearance next summer. So really no different from your favourite denim jacket – that many of us have owned for decades! It will give a lift to what can often be a drab winter.