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  • Cezanne Astrid Linen Jacket
    Cezanne Astrid Linen Jacket

    Cezanne Astrid Linen Jacket


    Get in tune with your inner artist.

    If you’re attracted to this colourful design, you can thank your artistic streak – we really do all have one! Doesn’t matter if you can draw or not – it’s about your “eye”.

    Some of the rules of design cover off on: repetition, scale change, colour theory and depth – and this design has all of these, plus some.

    This design has elements reminiscent of everyone from Cezanne to Matisse and many artists in between.

    This combination of bright, happy colours stays sophisticated thanks to the layers of design creating a depth that behaves as a backdrop for the highlights of intense pinks, reds, orange and lime.

    The background has textures, border repeats and glimpses of patterns.

    Whilst black seems an obvious choice for pairing, shocking pink works just as well, if not better!

    Be Warned: don’t be wearing this outfit if you want to be a wallflower for the night. This outfit is “putting out there” that you’re up for the fun evening!

  • Khaki Monique Shirt
    Khaki Monique Shirt

    Khaki Monique Shirt


    There is something special about the light refraction on satin fabrics – the multitude of tones as the light catches the different directions of the fabric weave allows for a depth of colour that seems supernatural.

    A perfect palette for Autumn – Ochre and Khaki are the perfect pair to get in the mood for the much-anticipated cooling off, after a long hot summer; before we’re looking for cosy winter solutions. 

    A soft and sophisticated tone of khaki that sits with most colours – whether it’s other neutrals or contrast “complementary” colours in the ochre, fuchsia or purple tones.

    The Khaki is what I call “colourless” – it’s only just looking khaki – not too bright. The lustre of the satin creates multiple tones of itself – letting it then pair with almost any colour.

  • Red Duster Silk Coat
    Red Duster Silk Coat

    Red Duster Silk Coat


    You want to make sure that you are saying something with the colours you choose.

    Colour is everything, sets a tone and conveys your mood and lets those around you perceive you in a way you get to influence – and this colour combo of fuchsia pink and fire engine red screams happiness and fun.

    This showstopper combo looks stylish rather than gaudy as they are the same, same but different. They sit next to each other on the colour wheel – in fact, red sits in the middle with pink on one side and orange on the other- so orange can happily join this colour combo.

    These colours are close enough to each other, that it doesn’t create a jarring effect when placed together, unlike the effect when you wear a red top and black bottoms, which will cut you in half too.