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QOE Online 40306

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  • Comet Ellie Tunic


    Comet, a myriad of blues.

    Designed for the connoisseur of elegance, this versatile palette brings an exquisite array of blue tones, sophisticatedly woven into lovely stone or egg-like shapes.

    Each piece in this collection is a testament to the beauty of watercolour washes, showcasing fabulous transitions from one hue to another, reminiscent of the serene and boundless ocean views. It’s not just a colour scheme; it’s an aesthetic voyage that promises to elevate your ensembles and surroundings with a touch of class.

  • Green Spring Ellie Tunic


    A silhouette of flora and fauna, cleverly utilizing positive and negative backgrounds to create an abundant floral design.

    The very simplicity of the one green colour on a white background makes for a sophisticated print that when layered over differing layers changes the effect or as I like to say the personality of the print. When layered over a white slip the green will soften its intensity whilst layered over a sage green Madison skip the intensity of the green will magnify.

    The crisp colour combo of green and white is a breath of fresh air for a summer outing whether dressed up with a slip dress and some heels, or make it casual with some silk pants and flats.