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  • Summer Storm Wrap Skirt Silk Chiffon


    Quite simply this is a work of art. Not sure it shouldn’t just be hanging on your wall –but lucky for us it’s styled and designed to be hung on you and me. Whether it’s Carmen and her yards of fabric to wrap ourselves in or our new wrap skirt, you will feel like a Mona Lisa!

    Everyone will see something different in this abstract print with streaks of blues, greens and teals that, to me it feels like a dark sky ready to be dominated by the weather; you will see something different.

    Whatever you see – it will be beautiful colours, streaked and blurred together creating a sophisticated palette of colours that will lend itself to reinvention every time you choose one of the many options to pair with it – Camel, Leaf, Khaki, Smokey Blue or our new flat Emerald Bamboo. There’s even a smudge of a pink highlight that you can have fun with.