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  • Paisley Fantasy Wrap Dress Maxi


    Uncover the time-honoured elegance and alluring comfort that is our Paisley Fantazy Wrap Dress.

    Designed with a revolutionary silk-feel satin fabric, this dress is not just an ensemble but an experience rekindling the carefree spirit of the ’60s. The unique paisley design captures the essence of the era’s freedom and is offered in a stunning array of green hues, ensuring that each wearer possesses an exclusive sartorial statement.

  • Paisley Fantazy Georgina Wide Leg Pant


    Introducing the Paisley Fantazy Wide Leg Pant – designed for the free-spirited fashionista in you!

    This bold piece is a nod to the vibrant energy of 60’s bohemia, with a modern wide straight leg that ensures it’s always in style. Crafted from a luxuriously silk-feeling fabric, these statement pants feature an intricate paisley print that adds a touch of artsy elegance. The wide-leg silhouette not only offers a flowy, relaxed fit for all-day comfort but also creates a leg-lengthening effect, perfect for any occasion.

  • Paisley Fantazy Roxy Raw Edge Jacket


    Step into a time portal guided by the vibrant swirls of the Paisley Fantazy Jacket, where the spirit of the 60s meets urban chic. This denim jacket-inspired marvel isn’t just another layer—it’s a testament to bold expression, endurance, and unparalleled comfort. Crafted with a “new silk feeling” satin that caresses the skin. The meticulously designed paisley pattern, reminiscent of the flower power era, doesn’t just adorn but amplifies individuality. The greens and glorious paisley evoke a nostalgia of free-spirited adventures, making every wearer a modern-day trailblazer.