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  • Carmen Open Kaftan – Waterfall


    Like any abstract artwork hanging on your wall – the beholder will see or interpret differently. Some might see beautiful splashes of colour, another may see a waterfall or ink splats from a psychiatrist’s office. Others may interpret the “homage” to the planet with the earthy colours, the natural silk fibres, and organic splashes of colour.

  • Carmen Open Kaftan – Morse Code



    Geometric stripes that zig and zag down the silk make it a flattering print with its dots and dashes of colour in a soft, smokey “ blue,  palest silver& stone and punched with delicately painted  lines of black that creates its own stripe

    Pair it with black for a sophisticated evening style, or team it with silver silks for a summer solution to your next big event.

  • Silk Duster Long Jacket – Ibis


    Reminiscent of a silk wallpaper in an upper east side NYC apartment, this print will pair with so many colours – that will change it’s mood.

    The dirty chartreuse green has soft images of birds and branches with highlights of stone through to crimson and intense teal, in the wandering floral images.

    No matter which colour you choose to layer underneath this is going to be sophisticated style.

  • Duster Long Jacket – Mono Buds


    A really cool style of a “relaxed” duster coat with a soft lapel and collar makes for an eye catching outfit, when layered over the Mary. Dressy enough for a Mother of the Bride – and then later teamed with some pants and a tank for an on-trend summer casual.

    Our designer is a real fan of the “twin set” – reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O; believing it creates a really “finished outfit” and elevates into a class of its own.


  • Carmen Long Open Kaftan – Mono Buds


    She is a really versatile “fixed scarf” – she can be worn open and just draped over the shoulders – for a really elegant long line – or tie up the 2 front panels to create either some camouflage around the tummy or for a more casual look. The open sides with a simple tie to hold together, allows another vertical line to be created – the more the merrier we say!

    Silk has properties like hair and will flatten after wearing for 10 mins – and like hair can become static – which can be alleviated with a spray of Statique (available from supermarkets)