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  • Lily Linen Dress – BLUE ROSE


    A feminine and arty print in happy tones of blues, greens and pinks on a blue background.

    The distribution of colours as the rosebuds and leaves cascade down the garment are in just the right proportions, making it easy to pair with any of the colours in the print.

    Lily is sophisticated and elegant that stand-alone or for that chilly shift in the day – pair with  Roxy LinenJacket in Shell Pink or Forrest Green to tone in with the background, which will let the pink roses shine; or perhaps picking up one of the soft pinks in the roses and enhance your femininity.

  • Lily Linen Dress – Steel Magnolia


    A softer than it sounds beautiful border print, celebrating Blues!

    This divine border print has many tones of blue with wonderful magnolias ascending the hem in sprays of flowers and buds.
    The creamy white flowers and buds contrast the blues in a fresh spring palette with hints of a pink cyclamen colour that make it extra pretty.
    The flowers are then repeated, as a monotone silhouette creating an interesting depth to the print, all the way to the top of the dress.

    Perfect as a stand-alone work of art but pair with Steel Magnolia Astrid Jacket for the ultimate twinset!