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  • Roses Are Pink Regina Duster Coat


    Get ready to be enchanted by a delicate dance of embroidered pink flower buds, lush green leaves and soft stone stems, all atop an invisible net fabric.

    It’s like a secret garden you can wear! And to top it all off, we’ve designed it in a sophisticated and soothing colour palette that will make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

    The lightweight nature of the net fabric ensures you stay cool and comfortable which makes this piece the perfect transition piece from Spring through to Autumn.

    A timeless piece that will add a note of playfulness to your everyday fashion looks!

  • Roses are Red Regina Duster Coat


    Introducing Roses are Red, the epitome of elegance and drama in the world of fashion.

    This striking and dramatic classic is a rose border design that is sure to turn heads at any nighttime event.

    For women with a nighttime event to attend, Roses are Red is your ultimate armour of confidence and style. So, step into the spotlight, and let your presence be known with Roses are Red Duster Jacket.

  • Teal Cascade Regina Duster Coat
    Teal Cascade Regina Duster Coat

    Teal Cascade Regina Duster Coat


    Looks like you’ve had a frolic with a flower garden… – or did you drop the bride’s bouquet?
    This exquisite net is littered with sprays of 3D flowers in a cascade of teal, crimson and lime colours making for a modern take on your mother’s or grandmother’s “Mother of the Bride” fitted embroidered net frock for your wedding. How they didn’t all pass out in a summer wedding in Australia – what with the inability to breathe courtesy of the girdle underneath!

    These days, thank our lucky stars, we have wise mothers and grandmothers who understand they have the right to be comfortable at their family weddings – and they can be the last at the party!… especially since they have probably slaved tirelessly in the year’s leadup.

    This Net Maxi Jacket layers over a breathable Bamboo Slip or a Satin Tank Dress, which is cut as a flattering A-line. Throw on the heels for your entrance – but have the flats on standby once the music starts, and you really can be last at the party.