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  • Summer Storm Wrap Skirt Silk Chiffon


    Quite simply this is a work of art. Not sure it shouldn’t just be hanging on your wall –but lucky for us it’s styled and designed to be hung on you and me. Whether it’s Carmen and her yards of fabric to wrap ourselves in or our new wrap skirt, you will feel like a Mona Lisa!

    Everyone will see something different in this abstract print with streaks of blues, greens and teals that, to me it feels like a dark sky ready to be dominated by the weather; you will see something different.

    Whatever you see – it will be beautiful colours, streaked and blurred together creating a sophisticated palette of colours that will lend itself to reinvention every time you choose one of the many options to pair with it – Camel, Leaf, Khaki, Smokey Blue or our new flat Emerald Bamboo. There’s even a smudge of a pink highlight that you can have fun with. 

  • Watercolour Pink Mary Silk Chiffon Dress
    Watercolour Pink Duster Silk Chiffon Coat

    Watercolour Pink Mary Silk Chiffon Dress


    Wassily Kandinsky once said that “colour is a power that directly influences the soul”. Considering the echoes of early expressionism within this print, we think these fuchsia and pink watercolour ethereal splashes will certainly uplift your soul!

    The myriad of colours in this wearable piece of art expresses all the nuance of a perfect flower in bloom. The subtle splashes of crimson and olive provide additional depth. The soft stone background helps the edges of the petals fade, contributing to the ethereal vibe you will exude while wearing this print.

    This limited edition, 100% silk collection will breezily float in the summer breeze, while the breathable silk we use will keep you feeling fresh, even as the temperature rises.

    For those that like to walk on the darker side, you should consider checking out our Blackwash collection. It contains all the beauty of this one, but with a blackwash backdrop.

  • White Summer Mary Dress
    White Summer Mary Dress

    White Summer Mary Dress


    This sophisticated colour palette is the ultimate in paring for monochromatic neutrals – allowing a more conservative outfit when paired with Silver, Gold, Stone, Charcoal, White etc.

    The sprays of leaves and flowers meander on their curved branches across the garment, punctuated every so often with a giant magnolia with a subtle gold outline of its petals. The hand-drawn lines give an artistic edge to the design.

    A perfect piece to transition you from Summer to Winter as she sits just as well with Charcoal as she does with Whites or Stone/Ivory.