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  • Daisydoo Astrid Jacket


    Our Satin Maxi Jacket is a stunning snapshot of a blooming spring garden, effortlessly capturing the essence of nature’s finest hues.

    Picture a beautiful design of cactus greens, petunia pinks, and sunflower yellow, artfully arranged in a harmonious blend that is as enchanting as it is visually striking. It’s like walking through a dreamy garden, where floral wonders effortlessly come to life.

    As you admire the Satin Maxi Jacket, your eyes will be drawn to the intricate border of stylized blooms. This artful design adds an element of depth and dimension to the garment, creating a mesmerizing visual experience that is truly incomparable. Delicate as a flower petal, this border runs vertically up the sides of the jacket, gracefully connecting the scattered flowers, leaves, and butterflies that adorn its surface. It’s a captivating symphony of nature-inspired artistry that will leave admirers in awe.

    Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, the Satin Maxi Jacket is fashioned from sumptuous satin fabric that drapes gracefully over the body.

  • Paisley Fantazy Roxy Raw Edge Jacket


    Step into a time portal guided by the vibrant swirls of the Paisley Fantazy Jacket, where the spirit of the 60s meets urban chic. This denim jacket-inspired marvel isn’t just another layer—it’s a testament to bold expression, endurance, and unparalleled comfort. Crafted with a “new silk feeling” satin that caresses the skin. The meticulously designed paisley pattern, reminiscent of the flower power era, doesn’t just adorn but amplifies individuality. The greens and glorious paisley evoke a nostalgia of free-spirited adventures, making every wearer a modern-day trailblazer.