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  • Duster Jacket Khaki


    Luxuriate in this Luscious  Look 

    Our classic “Heirloom” Jackets are back – thanks to your requests.

    Timeless classics, that are a step up in the “jacket” territory. No boring black camouflage here!

    Elegant long-line velvet coats that you won’t want to take off!

    Fully lined, they slide on with ease and totally transform your outfit. They have a subtle sheen from the light refraction on the velvet “pile”  (industry speak for the fibres that stand up – much like carpet).

  • Jasper Linen Jacket – Camel


    A casual take on a formal blazer – but enhanced with our raw edge fringe and styled and shaped to give you a waist.

    Perfect to layer over denims or silks she is flattering with anything.

  • McKenzie Swing Coat - Dark Silver
    McKenzie Swing Coat - Dark Silver

    McKenzie Swing Coat – Dark Silver


    A fully lined swing coat that will put a spring in your step as its luxurious velvet swishes as you swing away and sashay off to your next event in a busy life. She’s perfect for throwing on and having an instant transition. x

    Part of our timeless Heirloom range – it’s a keeper that passes down to the next generation.

    The A-line cut is flattering on everyone whether you are pairing it with skinny leg jeans, tights and boots for an action-packed day or a slimline madison slip.

    Or for a night out maybe a slimming Rosie skirt and Kate long sleeve top which will look glamour but be as comfortable as your Pjs!

  • Silk Duster Coat – Ivory


    We found the secret to anti-aging – and it isn’t in a needle or a face cream!

    White is great, but off-whites are a far more versatile option to utilise within your wardrobe. Of all the off-white options to incorporate into your style, we think the soft warmth of ivory is the most elegant, versatile, and timeless.

    This collection of super-sophisticated neutrals is the elegant solution that will ensure that you never have to go back to black. Wear one colour head-to-toe, mix and match the charcoal and ivory, or simply use the charcoal instead of black or the ivory instead of white. No matter how you wear these pieces, these essential staples will keep you feeling comfortable and looking great!



    A delicate and elegant collection in three new colours that will transform you into an ethereal Queen.

    This new sophisticated monochromatic palette will transition from day to night and summer to winter. Its very colourlessness is its appeal. Is perfect for any occasion from a beach wedding to an everyday favourite that gives you the confidence to take on anything!

    No matter which colour you choose to layer underneath this is going to be a sophisticated style.

  • Tania Mesh Cardi Ivory


    As we start to have some cooler nights/days this Cardi is a perfect layer piece in our NEW one size for all – our stretch net jacket .

    The soft drape of the net, combined with it’s stretch factor makes this a very versatile and useful piece, a necessary addition to your wardrobe.

    The net has a very open weave letting air flow through, making it ideal for any hot moments, yet smudging any unwanted silhouettes.

  • Zarina Long Jacket Khaki


    Feel like the Queen you are – Zarina in khaki luxe satin.

    Whether it’s an elegant layer of warmth for your next formal outing or to “finish off” a more casual outfit that is looking, well boring, this is a versatile solution piece.

    This flattering style has a soft front lapel that starts the optical illusion to make you “thinner & taller”, as it then curves down the full length of the body to the hemline.

    There are 3 inverted pleats at the shoulder that drop down the side of the body providing a gentle fullness at the hips.