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Introducing our incredible limited edition collection of 100% lightweight and breathable silks!

These gorgeous pieces are perfect for layering over your favorite comfortable basics, allowing you to feel beautiful and stylish no matter where you go. Whether you’re jetting off on a fabulous vacation or getting ready for a fun evening out, our silks are the ultimate must-have. And the best part? They pack down to nothing, making them incredibly convenient for all your travel needs.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to enhance your wardrobe with these stunning silks!

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    Black Silk Abigail Layered Top


    Black Silk Duster Coat


    Black Silk Pants Full Length


    Blue Metal Silk Abigail Layered Top


    Blue Metal Silk Duster Coat


    Blue Metal Silk Pants Full Length


    Charcoal Silk Abigail Layered Top


    Charcoal Silk Duster Coat


    Charcoal Silk Nancy Crossover Top


    Charcoal Silk Pant Full Length


    Comet Printed Silk Carmen Kaftan


    Comet Printed Silk Duster Coat