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  • Ochre Silk Pants Full Length
    Ivory Wanda Tie Silk Jacket 3/4 Sleeve

    Ochre Silk Pants Full Length


    A magical colour with a slightly schizoid quality.

    This new sophisticated monochromatic palette will transition from day to night and summer to winter. Is perfect for any occasion from a beach wedding to an everyday favourite that gives you the confidence to take on anything!

    No matter which colour you choose to layer underneath this is going to be a sophisticated style.

    It will partner beautifully with the colours recently released in our “show-stopper combo” of Fuchsia and fire engine Red as it sits right next to them on the colour wheel – allowing it to literally tone in with no jarring contrasts.

    Meanwhile, it will also transform and be an Autumn colour if you pair it with Khaki, which will soften the ochre intensity, or even Navy ( the colour wheel places blue exactly opposite orange).

    Just like nature pairs orange and black, it can be a way of increasing the “drama” of your style by using jarring contrasts.

  • Red Silk Pant Full Length
    Ivory Wanda Tie Silk Jacket 3/4 Sleeve

    Red Silk Pant Full Length


    Reinvent your colour wheel, you want to make sure that you are saying something with the colours you choose.

    Colour is everything, sets a tone that conveys your mood and lets those around you perceive you in a way you get to influence – and this colour combo of fuchsia pink and fire engine red screams happiness and fun. This showstopper combo looks stylish rather than gaudy as they are the same, same but different.

    They sit next to each other on the colour wheel – in fact, red sits in the middle with pink on one side and orange on the other- so orange can happily join this colour combo.

    These colours are close enough to each other, that it doesn’t create a jarring effect when placed together, unlike the effect when you wear a red top and black bottoms, which will cut you in half too.

  • Teal Cascade Diana Net Pant Full Length
    Teal Cascade Diana Net Pant Full Length

    Teal Cascade Diana Net Pant Full Length


    Looks like you’ve had a frolic with a flower garden… – or did you drop the bride’s bouquet?
    This exquisite net is littered with sprays of 3D flowers in a cascade of teal, crimson and lime colours making for a modern take on your mother’s or grandmother’s “Mother of the Bride” fitted embroidered net frock for your wedding. How they didn’t all pass out in a summer wedding in Australia – what with the inability to breathe courtesy of the girdle underneath!

    These days, thank our lucky stars, we have wise mothers and grandmothers who understand they have the right to be comfortable at their family weddings – and they can be the last at the party!… especially since they have probably slaved tirelessly in the year’s leadup.

    This Net Pants pair beautifully with our Black Silk Tops and Duster. Throw on the heels for your entrance – but have the flats on standby once the music starts, and you really can be last at the party.