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This colour is sooo beautiful you want to eat it – which is only one of the reasons we’ve named it Raspberry.

  • Fuchsia Zarina Long Jacket


    Feel like the Queen you are – Zarina in Fuchsia luxe satin.

    Whether it’s an elegant layer of warmth for your next formal outing or to “finish off” a more casual outfit that is looking, well boring, this is a versatile solution piece.

    This flattering style has a soft front lapel that starts the optical illusion to make you “thinner & taller”, as it then curves down the full length of the body to the hemline.

    There are 3 inverted pleats at the shoulder that drop down the side of the body providing a gentle fullness at the hips.

  • Raspberry Patcee Patio Maxi Dress 3/4 Sleeve


    This colour is sooo beautiful you want to eat it – which is only one of the reasons we’ve named it Raspberry. Usually, talking about red is all about “Fiery Red”, but not this one. There’s no orange base in this colour – she’s a red that is mixed with a pink base. She’s one of those colours that elicits an ‘OO AHH’ from everyone, and makes you want to smell it like a beautiful rose. Better still, there’s no one this tone red doesn’t flatter.

    This style is a design based on an era in the early ’70s of watching my mother create an oversized, teased “do” and then don her latest geometric maxi creation as she and my dad, -he being clad in a lilac body shirt- complete with sideburns, whisked off to a “Sundowner Pool Party” – a trend that was replicating movies – I’m sure I’ve merged it all in my memory …. Jane Fonda in a maxi length, sleeveless A-line shift in geometric flowers with a big floppy hat – but then I realized – I’m not Jane Fonda – she’s much taller ………. OK – along with a few other details!

    There was something glamorous going on, but being too young to grasp or analyse, I was left with an impression of glamour being colour, print and fun times! This was what inspired our new Patcee dress, however, I wasn’t focused on a summer pool party; hence, a ¾ sleeve with flared cuff was a more elegant option. She is the perfect, comfortable, stylish shift dress, with a high collar and V-neck placket in an edible green satin in a solid colour, and of course … pockets!

  • Raspberry Wrap Dress Maxi


    There’s something really luxurious about satin swishing to the floor and shimmering with your every move. It not only looks amazing, it feels amazing and even sounds amazing. The weave of the satin thread catches the light and throws off a myriad of smooth, lustrous tones of this beautiful raspberry. With all these tones of the same colour it makes a plain fabric so much more interesting, whilst leaving it open to pair with a multitude of colours. It will easily work with colours that sit either side of it on the colour wheel such as pink on one side and ochre on the other, whilst also working with contrast colours, such as greens or blues.