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  • Red Reggie Linen Jacket


    The new Red Linen collection is the ideal combo for your Christmas outfit! This linen will keep you cool and fresh, while the loose cut will ensure you have plenty of room to hide that big lunch, pavlova and bubbles!

    This is not just your red Christmas Day outfit, it will ensure you’ll be feeling and looking like a melon bucks. There’s a reason why linen is known as a wearable air-conditioner! So, you won’t freeze with the AC nor will you melt, when you go out to the scorching sun either. As girls just want to have sun, mix and match with our new range of cotton T-shirts, and you’ll be feeling fine in the sunshine.

  • Vintage Reggie Linen Jacket


    This amazing linen fabric has to be seen to truly appreciate the tones of colours creating a texture and depth that looks more like linen – than linen!?

    So, keep it simple and commune with the best of the retro 60’s and you’re guaranteed to achieve sophisticated elegance.