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  • Monique Shirt Khaki


    There is something special about the light refraction on satin fabrics – the multitude of tones as the light catches the different directions of the fabric weave allows for a depth of colour that seems supernatural.

    A perfect palette for Autumn – Ochre and Khaki are the perfect pair to get in the mood for the much-anticipated cooling off, after a long hot summer; before we’re looking for cosy winter solutions. 

    A soft and sophisticated tone of khaki that sits with most colours – whether it’s other neutrals or contrast “complementary” colours in the ochre, fuchsia or purple tones.

    The Khaki is what I call “colourless” – it’s only just looking khaki – not too bright. The lustre of the satin creates multiple tones of itself – letting it then pair with almost any colour.

  • Monique Shirt Ochre


    It’s hard to do justice when describing the lustre of satin in ochre – maybe, a cross between burnished gold and a delicious, juicy clementine orange. It’s also surprisingly flattering; as a flat orange doesn’t suit all skin types and colourings. Somehow the lustre of the satin, with all it’s tones as it refracts light from every direction, makes it look exotic and it seems like it must be made up of lots of colours, all mixed together to produce this wondrous, lustrous golden ochre.

    It really will pair with just about all colours – except yellow – but it will always be the standout hero!