We are changing the look of Queen of Everything

Dear Friends,
This is the first Blog for Queen of Everything and I have to say it’s a rather daunting prospect!
But after a few years of constant requests from our clientele I thought I would push past the visuals that absorb my life – prints, silks, styles, emails etc. and try communicating with words too!
So forgive me whilst I find my feet.
I love what I do!!
I think I am one of the luckiest on the planet. I get to change women’s lives by making them look and feel fabulous. I love hearing their anecdotes about the compliments they are receiving. A lady came back the following Monday morning with a bunch of flowers from her Garden, telling me she had received her first compliment in 22 years!! Needless to say we all ended up in tears. This was the moment I knew I was on the right path. I get to play with beautiful prints, colours and fabrics, I work with a wonderful team of girls and we get to travel all over the place.

We have also been creating Popup shops around Perth which means we have been able to present our range in it’s entirety and it also means we get to stay in touch with our clients.

What I have noticed is many women want to learn what looks good on them and why .
So I am going to endeavour to share this info over the next little while.
Future topics:
Silk as a fabric
Deep V necks
Colour near the face
Same under layer colour top and bottom
Vertical Stripes
Feature your best point – ankle, arms, legs, waist
Cotton vs Rayon
Net Fabric – it might be a Nylon but it has more holes than fabric
Quality/Personality of Fabrics