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QOE Online 16357

  • Dysie Linen Dress Flower Jungle
    Dysie Linen Dress Flower Jungle

    Dysie Linen Dress Flower Jungle


    A field of fresh, coral-coloured poppies and their entangled stems dance upon a sea of emerald green in this energising, limited-edition print.

    This happy design is a perfect reflection of a joyous Australian Christmas that is full of delicious food, loved ones, and sunshine.

    This is the green, Christmas Day dress that you’ve been looking for. The loose cut could not be more practical for a day that revolves around relaxation and eating.

    If you don’t do knees – then pair with a pair of our stupidly comfortable and cool to wear stone rosie pants in the ¾ length.

    The stone and camel colours are like a colourless backdrop for many colours and provides a level of sophistication with its ability to “vanish” and let the colour be the hero.

    And the best part is the 2 large hidden pockets – in the horizontal seam – For those of us who are doing our usual queen of everything on the day – or perfect for helping
    navigate a busy Xmas day.

    Play up the poppy print by adding a flower to your hair, pop on your most comfortable flats, and you’re ready for the day!