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  • Naomi Brocade Jacket Kenzo


    Growing up in the eighties  I was intoxicated with the exciting colour combinations utilized by a designer called Kenzo. And voila! The Long Brocade Naomi Jacket came to life.

    Something about the audacious use of colour was still tempered by a sophistication; possibly ingrained by his new home in Paris. On top of that he had a delicate touch when handling the proportions of colours, perhaps influenced by his Japanese birthright, where I believe the Japanese were the masters of proportion.

    He dared to break the rules of expectation and looked at clothing without boundaries. 

    This print is suggestive of Kenzo in its use of intense colours on a background of dark green, shot with black (that means there is a black thread woven into the cloth) so it changes the depth of colour as it moves in the light.

    There are elegant clusters of stylized flowers in tones of golden yellow, orange and cerise with a contrast highlight in the palest soft blue that sets off the intense yellows and orange.

    This feminine print is then juxtaposed with a structured, tailored maxi length long brocade jacket with lapels and side slit pockets.

    This Heirloom Jacket is a showstopper that will turn heads and be coveted by all. We firmly believe that landfill needs to stop and this range of jackets are pieces that are handed down the Family line.

    Catwalk here I come! 

  • Naomi Long Brocade Jacket Morris


    This Heirloom Jacket is as much a showstopper as Kenzo, but with a sophisticated subtlety in its matte fabrication and clever limited use of 3 colours. The juxtaposition of feminine pink flowers with the masculine, tailored cut gives a modern twist to a classic ladies long brocade jacket.

     The background is a matte dark slate navy background with meandering vines and leaves in an equally dark emerald, outlined in black with varying line weight (design speaks for a hand-drawn line rather than mechanically produced, which is usually even with no personality)

    These dark, matte colours are brought to life with the stylized bursts of flowers, along with their stamens, scattered throughout in a superbly balanced proportion of colour.